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Public Research
Discursive series at Vierte Welt (2019-ongoing)

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Public Research is a series of discursive events aiming to challenge prevailing modes of thinking and talking about research. We wish to renounce the imperatives of cognitive capitalism and escape from neoliberal demands which have hijacked our research institutions (namely the university), dictating the dynamics, modes of representation, and dissemination of research practices.

Aiming to establish new arenas for discussion and common thinking, we turn to the artistic context and gather in a performance art space – where the relations between publics and speakers are turbulent, where different modes of attention, affection, and speech are constantly being challenged.

Public Research constitutes a heterogeneous environment, bringing together professional and dilettante researchers, scientists and artists, different logics, languages, and ways of speech; hence, setting up favorable conditions for contamination, which according to the anthropologist Anna Tsing is transformation through encounter.

We consider common thinking as live action and public event, a vital moment fueled by the possibility of change. We trust the power of sharing questions in rendering publics, new alliances of solidarity, and resilience.

Public Research is continuous but not linear, thought-through but unpredictable, social but not socialized, experimental but not entrepreneurial.

In order to breakaway from old patterns we create new habits.

This is how we do it from October 2019 onwards:

We meet up every third Thursday of the month
from 18h to 22h.

We share research processes,
articulate questions.

In the last 20 min of each session we sketch a problematic which will be the core of the next meeting. Together we decide who will conduct the upcoming session.

We meet again.

Sessions are held in English, but other languages are welcome. Translation is our common duty.

Devised by: Dirk Cieslak, Gerko Egert, Stefan Hölscher und Netta Weiser.

Public Research as part of gesellschaften at Vierte Welt is support by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Berlin.

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