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Broadcasting Radio-Choreography: Episode 3. Haunting the Archive // radio performance at the German Dance Archive + broadcasting live on dublab radio  + Public Listening Event at Ebertplatz Cologne, 03.12.2021 

Performing  The Egg Dance in 3D / EM4 concert / The Akademie der Künste  Berlin, 17.11.2021

Performing  Chair Dance / chamber version / in collaboration with Marta Gentilucci // Villa Medici Rome, 04.11.2021

Teaching  777 Projekt - Collaboration between maC master in choreography of HZT Berlin and Klagzeitort // final concerts, 29-30.10.2021

Broadcasting Radio-Choreography: Episode 2. Closer than it Seems // radio performance at the Beit Ariela Dance Archive as part of Diver Festival+ broadcasting live on Radio HALAS + Public Listening Event at The Israeli Center for Digital Art, 09.10.2021 

Broadcasting Radio-Choreography: Episode 1. Coming and Goings // radio performance at the Media Library for Dance and Theatre + broadcasting live on + Public Listening Event at Tanznacht Berlin, 24.07.2021 

Teaching  777 Projekt - Collaboration between maC master in choreography of HZT Berlin and Klagzeitort // Summer blockseminar  June 2021

Residency The Studio for Electroacustic Music / The Akademie der Künste Berlin, April and May

Broadcasting Lautsrom #72 Anna Bromely in conversation with Netta Weiser,,  4.4.2021

Teaching Contemporary Dance - Interdisciplinary Perspectives // online seminar for Klagzeitort as part of the 777 Projekt, January-February 2021

Teaching Archiving the Ephemeral // Seminar at the Univesitat der Künste  Berlin//  Winter semester 2020-21
Research Radio-Choreography at Public Research // Vierte Welt gesellschaften 15.10.2020

Lecture Radio-Choreography: poetics of displacement// Performace and Knowlegde Production conference// Haifa University Israel, 08.9.2020
Research NRWKultur Sekretariat- Dance Research Residency in Cologne// July-September 2020

Teaching Contemporary Dance in a Transdisciplinary Context //Univesitat der Kunste  Berlin//  Sommersemester 2020

Performing  Les Amours – Liebe in fünf Bildern// Ensemble Tourterelles // Switzerland-Israel tour:
 7.2.2020, Neubad Luzern
Museum Kleines Klingental Basel
9.2.2020, Kulturhaus Helferei  Zürich
14.2.2020 The Jerusalem Music Center
15.2.2020 Kibutz Sha'ar Ha'amakim
16.2.2020 Ha'Teiva theater Tel aviv


Discourse  Public Research//Unparalleled Catastrophe for Our Species?//Vierte Welt Belrin // 21.11.2019
Discourse  Public Research//Reconfiguring urban imagination//Vierte Welt Belrin // 27.10.2019
Künstlerische Leitung  777 final concerts, HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin +HZT Berlin // 19-21.10.2019
Discourse  Public Research//Nomadic Archives//Vierte Welt Belrin // 16.09.2019
Teaching Sound and dance collaboration // block seminar at HZT, Berlin// 11-21.06.2019
Performance!  Nothing: to be done. // 48h Neukolln, Berlin // 14-16.06.019
Performing  Kulturzug meets Stanislav LEM// Kulturzug Wroclaw -Berlin// 19.05.019
Workshop  Nothing: to be done. //DAS KAPiTAL Berlin // 10-11.05.019
Discourse  Public Research#6 Unbound Geographies //Vierte Welt Belrin // 16.04.2019
New piece !"This is an invitation" as part of Dirty Debut// Sophiensaele, Berlin// 08.02.2019

Teaching Contemporary dance: introduction  // seminar at HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin// Wintersemester 2019


Radio! Nothing: to be done. on 199Global //15/12/2018/ ZK/U Berlin

Künstlerische Leitung  Kunstlicht I MERLICHT!MUSIK Festival, Berlin // 22/11/2018 

New Project! Nothing: to be done.  PROJEKT BIRKENSTRSSE // ZK/U Berlin // 25+26.10

Workshop Nothing: to be done.  Utrecht Parnassos cutural center 6/10

Performing Scribe at Tanz im August , project by Leisa Shelton, HAU Berlin // 16-19/08/2018 

Bingo Palestine Belrin:

Affect // Agora 07/08

Circle 1 Gallery 05/07

Vierte Welt  14/06

Ufer Studios 13/05

Performing Sensitive Skin by Renen Itzhaki, ada sutdios Berlin // 5+6/05/2018 

Performing Short guided sensory activation by Isabel Lewis// Martin-Gropius-Bau// 19.01.2018

Teaching Movement Research workshop at Open Class Berlin// Universität der Künste// 10.01.2018

New piece !"Event are Events" in collaboration with Hadas Peery // HilbertRaum Gallery// 07.11.2017

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