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Bingo Palestine
game/performance (2017-2018)

Bingo Palestine is a performance composed of three games, performed by the audience themselves and by Netta Weiser as the facilitator of the event. Juxtaposing political reality and the game situation, the performance explores the notion of participation by raising questions regarding the tension between obedience, cooperation, responsibility and pleasure. 

The performance revolves around a versatile use of a historical map of Palestine drawn by the British Mandate in 1947. During the performance, this map is transformed into playing boards; participants map and remap, navigate through imaginary landscapes and share fake stories reconstructing places which no longer exist. By audience engagement in these games, they reveal their imaginary representations of the Israeli-Palestinian territory, and at the same time, rearrange their knowledge and fantasy in relation to it. 

 the contrast between the fun atmosphere in which the game is played and the somber issues it tackles, adds a reflexive dimension to the event; ironic celebration of privilege, the pleasure of being criticized, and the explicit paralleling of political art with entertainment, provide a critical account regarding the often exploited and "immediate" relation between art and politics in the contemporary moment.

Created and facilitated by Netta Weiser
Dramaturgy: Yael Sherill
Duration: 1 hour.

August: Agora Collective - Center for Collaborative Practices, Berlin.
July: Circle one- Platform for art & culture, Berlin.
June: Vierte Welt, Berlin.
May: Ufer Studios, Berlin.

December: Kaduka, Berlin, Germany.
October: Ponderosa, Lunow-Stolzenhagen, Germany.
June: The Red House Cultural center, Tel Aviv, Israel.


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