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"This is an Invitation"

 Sophiensaele Berlin (2019)

Choreography by Netta Weiser
performance: Magnús Hallur Jónsson and Netta Weiser

As part of a series of works exploring the relations between contemporary "How To" cultures and art, "This is an Invitation" is a choreographic meditation upon DIY utopias, digital communities and dance.

The performance Juxtapose YouTube dance tutorials by French choreographer Boris Charmatz with New Agey sleep tutorials aesthetics, rendering the imagination of a singular body privately giving itself to digital instructions into a dyadic choreographic practice. Colliding contemporary cultural phenomena involving the body, mediation, and performance, the piece reflects upon the relations between "do it yourself" fantasies and the imperative to activate the audience, while proposing the possibility of falling asleep at the theater as a silent act of resistance.


Supported by Dirty Debüt  Björn Pätz, Sandra Umathum and Joshua Wicke
Photos by  Anna Agliard

find out more about this performance on the Dirty Debüt website...

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