Transitional Space No.## 

 Solo Festival, Hayadit Theater (2016)

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Transitional Space No. ##  is a 'rite of passage' in three parts, based on audience participation. Throughout the performance multiple time dimensions are manipulated simultaneously  by movement and stillness,  the changing rhythms of Bach's French Suites, and 50 kilos of ice cubes, popsicles and other frozen objects which melts and transform.

Moving between warmth and coldness, playful and extreme situations, the performer activates both her and the audience senses, bluring the distinction between spectators and participants, inside and outside, art and life.  As these borders melts down, trust and intimacy gradually constitutes a temporary community which oscillates between the wish to freeze the moment and the ephemerality of the substance.

Supported by The Yehoshua Rabinovitz Foundation for the arts, Tel Aviv

First presented at Suzan Delall Dance Center, Tel Aviv, and at "Solo Festival" 2017, Hayadit theater, Pardes Hana.