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Under the Forest  

excursion practice/ research (2016-2018)

The project deals with practices of erasure and concealment of Palestinian presence from Israeli space and discourse, via the exploration of forests which were planted on the ruins of Palestinian villages in the early days of the State of Israel. While initially these forests were planted intending to conceal Palestinian history from the landscape, today as cultivated nature reserves they hold the potential for a direct, physical encounter with the remnants of the very narrative they seek to erase.

This interdisciplinary research aims at examining the clash between historical narratives embodied by these sites and the conflict between nature and "the natural" created by the political appropriation of the forest.

Moreover, this project is motivated to explore the tension between visible and invisible landscapes and histories embedded within these multilayered sites as a call for artistic intervention. ​Along with intellectual inquiry and photographic documentation, the project aims to create a series of performance events, questioning how performance art can play a critical role in the production of events and common experiences in relation to these sites.  

Initiated and led by Netta Weiser
Photography and documentation by Shira Tabachnick

Supported by The Pais Council for Art and Culture

Bingo Palestaine and Events are Events were realized as part of the performative research of "Under the Forest".

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